ETS-Mesit Caspian

ETS-Mesit Caspian is a new oilfield service company in Kazakhstan. It is a Joint Venture with two Italian engineering and construction companies, Engineering Technical Services (ETS) and Mesit. Both companies offer a set of engineering services tailored to cover the needs of a wide range of industrial applications worldwide and now we are happy to offer their solutions in Kazakhstan and other countries in the Caspian and Central Asian regions.

We work hard and with passion to develop cost-effective, innovative solutions meeting our Clients' specific project requirements worldwide. We always strive to think global and fit locally, understanding the complexities and specifities of today's competitive markets. We listen to our custumers, considering the challenges and the key performance factors of each project, always striving to meet highest service quality criteria.
At ETS-Mesit Caspian, we build strong relationships with all the project stakeholders, our clients and our business partners, based on integrity, trust and respect. Our people are self-motivated, always competing to achieve service excellence. Activities are always performed with great consideration to risk mitigation and to the highest HSE standards, understanding and abiding to both local and international regulations.

Why Us ✔ Multidisciplinary expertise ✔ Seamless delivery ✔ Customer focus

Achieve your project goals with us!

ETS-Mesit Caspian operates and provides integrated services in Kazakhstan and other countries in the Caspian and Central Asian regions.

Always and everywhere paying attention to the environment and personnel safety.

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